Michael Meyersfeld’s upcoming exhibition “Transience” will be opening at the INTOTO Gallery on the 4th of August 2011.

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Michael Meyersfeld’s “Transience”

4th August 2011 – 30th August 2011

“A time may indeed come when the pictures and statues which we admire to-day will crumble to dust, or a race of men may follow us who no longer understand the works of our poets and thinkers; but since the value of all this beauty and perfection is determined only by its significance for our own emotional lives, it has no need to survive us and is therefore independent of absolute duration.”

(Sigmund Freud; “On Transience”)

In this photographic passage, Michael Meyersfeld observes and explores ephemeral moments and scenes that often go unnoticed by the ordinary passerby through his contemporary lens and viewpoint.

The exhibition title Transience implies passing with time or the state of being brief and short-lived. The show explores two quite distinct concepts: one is the notion of looking at the unnoticed, the way the air, light and sounds surrounding you can create a scene of such delicate beauty and absolute mundaneness at the same time. The second concept is that of the fleeting nature of these moments that Meyersfeld has captured.

Focusing on circumstances that are generally unseen because of their “everyday” quality, Meyersfeld encourages the viewer to take a closer look at a plastic bag, a canvas strung across a building, a box ready for disposal. All of these images have a sense of impermanence, a transient quality, because one knows, looking at the images, that the next day the truck will have moved, the rubbish cleaned up, the canvas shifted. Meyersfeld explores the suggestion of splendour in these sites of the temporary.

Meyersfeld does not let the idea that all this beauty is transient give him a foretaste of grief over its demise; does not let his appreciation of beauty become inhibited with by thoughts of its brevity and instead freezes it in time with his image. Freud once said, “Transience value is scarcity value in time” (Freud, Transience).

Like water thrown on the sand, these scenarios that Meyersfeld has suspended will leave little trace. Here, Michael has frozen these passing things, these manifestations of mortality, seeing perfection in the disposable, the unseen.

Curator: Megan Kidd


Doorway, Bologna

Waste Bag, Paris

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