Mr. Bernd Assert, the curator of my exhibition ” Meyersfeld – Braunschweig 2013 “, received the following e-mail from a well known German sculptor Mr. Magnus Kleine-Tebbe.
I think it is very interesting to note, as well as a great compliment when one art medium spills over to another.


Dear Michael,

enclosed I send you two wonderful drawings with short texts which Mr. Magnus Kleine-Tebbe (sculptor) from Brunswick has made in visits of your photo exhibition.

Herewith I have translated the texts for you and hope to you to give a small pleasure.

Yours sincerely from Brunswick


Richard Borek Stiftung
Theodor-Heuss-Stra├če 7, 38090 Brausnchweig

I would like to congratulate you belatedly for the successful realisation of the exhibition Michael Meyersfeld at Villa von Amsberg. Three times I have been there to get an understanding of the multitude of image ideas and their photographic staging.

Pencil drawing

That outstanding quality is one of the basis conditions for art is very clearly confirmed by this exhibition. It starts with the impressive models and continues with the excellent lighting of the acting persons providing the impression of living sculptures.

Pencil drawing

Good art immensely motivates the own creativity. Therefore I would like to thank you explicitly for this personal enjoyment and gain for my work.

St. Heriburg, family portrait, St. Maria with plaster model 1 : 5.

Many thanks for the personal invitation to the exhibition opening; otherwise I might have not known about the photographic show while facing the extensive stone works in my plein air workshop.

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